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Apparently 7 years of university wasn’t enough for me as I’m officially back!

I recently moved across the country to Toronto to start a Master of Health Science in Nutrition Communication. I have never been to Toronto before and I have had very little opportunity to explore it so far (besides my visit to the aquarium), but I’m feeling a little home sick for beautiful Vancouver and the great social life I had there. That being said, I also secretly love school.

Clearly, I am a full fledged nerd — but we already knew that. (Case in point below.)


My most popular request when it comes to recipes –> easy and fast weeknight meals (along with a personal chef). This recipe falls perfectly into that category! A slow cooker is a great tool for easy meals as well but is a less popular option in the summer. Plus, this recipe is easy to get the men on board with because they get to do some grilling!

Cauliflower Steak, truffle egg

If truffle salt or oil is not something you keep around I highly recommend it. It adds great flavor to many dishes. If it’s not something you enjoy this recipe is great without it as well, so don’t fret!

You can also use cabbage instead of cauliflower for the steaks, I love both! Cabbage is a great vegetable to buy due to its long shelf life, save it in the fridge for when you run out of all your other veggies.


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