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My last post, a review of the Sugar Coated documentary, emphasized that demonizing sugar is not going to solve our obesity and health problems.

But, drinking sugar-laden beverages (slurpees, frappuccinos, pop, fruit cocktail …) to quench our thirst all summer is not the answer either. Of course, enjoying these beverages on occasion is perfectly acceptable — but not everyday!

As plain water can get pretty boring, unsweetened iced-tea is a perfect go-to summer beverage! There are so many awesome flavours to choose from.  Plus, it is so easy and inexpensive to make!

How to make unsweetened iced tea

iced tea

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Hot Docs: Sugar Coated

The Hot Docs Film Festival just ended in Toronto. I only made it to one documentary: Sugar Coated.

It definitely wasn’t revolutionary — it isn’t exactly a secret that sugar in excess is not great for our health or that it is abundant in our food system. I did learn that there are 56 different names for sugar and that apparently, “26% of diabetes is due to sugar and sugar alone.” I’m not too sure about that statistic…

The makers of Sugar Coated even developed an app that gives you access to “Canada’s first nutrition database with free sugar calculations.”

Japan’s Metabo Law enacted in 2008 was also briefly mentioned. It requires citizens between 40-74 years of age to get their waists measured annually. If a predefined limit is exceeded the “offender” has 3 months to lose weight before being required to see a health professional for advice and monitoring. Companies that do not meet the goals of the program can face large fines. Interesting tactic. It is definitely not in line with the HAES movement and puts too much emphasis on individual responsibility. I’d be very interested to hear if this strategy has been effective.


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