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canned salmon pasta

In case you haven’t noticed, quick and nutritious one pot meals are my thing. I love cooking but with a full-time job, contract work, a busy social life, an interview or two to prepare for (like this recent one), and trying to stay active — not to mention working on my blog — I have no time lately for elaborate meals. But that doesn’t mean I don’t eat delicious ones!

I love a nice bowl of pasta, but making a vegetable or a salad to go with it just seems like extra work sometimes. So I like to load my pasta with vegetables instead. I love zoodles — “noodles” made from zucchini — for this purpose. They are fun to eat and delicious. I like a 60/40 or so mix of regular whole wheat pasta to zoodles. This is a great way to add more vegetables to your usual pasta meal.

Apparently 7 years of university wasn’t enough for me as I’m officially back!

I recently moved across the country to Toronto to start a Master of Health Science in Nutrition Communication. I have never been to Toronto before and I have had very little opportunity to explore it so far (besides my visit to the aquarium), but I’m feeling a little home sick for beautiful Vancouver and the great social life I had there. That being said, I also secretly love school.

Clearly, I am a full fledged nerd — but we already knew that. (Case in point below.)



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