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New Year, New You?


The new year is coming and we all have big plans to be healthier. Which is great…. I just have one request: be smart about it!

– Don’t go get a gym membership if you hate the gym – you won’t go, just like last year.

– Don’t waste your money on anything that advertises a weight-loss plan that is easy, fast, effortless etc – we all know that it is none of those things and, sadly, never will be.

– Don’t buy weight-loss supplements – green coffee bean extract and red raspberry leaf are not going to magically melt those unwanted pounds away (no matter what Dr. Oz says)! Many of these supplements are not tested for long enough periods of time in controlled randomized trials and could end up doing more harm than good.

– Most of all PLEASE don’t stop eating wheat/gluten unless you have an intolerance or allergy – people don’t lose weight because they cut out gluten. It is because they now can not eat many of the highly processed, high carbohydrate foods they were eating before. Although, I do agree that we consume too much processed wheat in general (cakes, cookies, breads, pasta). Why not try some wheat berries or kamut instead?

99% of people that come to me for weight loss advice have one thing in common:

Need I say more?….

I will, just in case the title didn’t convince you to make this!

I actually made this recipe last weekend, but have been too busy to post it, so I have been eating it all week! Which has worked out to your benefit because now I know just how AMAZING this recipe is. I go to bed at night excited to eat it in the morning. It’s definitely a dietitian-approved dessert for breakfast type of meal!


Once it’s baked I leave a few slices out and throw the rest in the freezer for fabulous weekday breakfasts. I usually prepare it the night before, especially if I am taking a frozen piece out of the freezer. How I eat it depends on if I want something hot or cold in the morning:

Option 1. Put a slice in a glass container, top with berries. Refrigerate. In the morning top up with vanilla/chocolate silk soy milk (or other milk), heat in the microwave until warm. Top with nuts, hemp, flax, chia seeds etc.

Option 2. Put a slice in a glass container, top with berries and fresh/canned peaches (sometimes I pour the canned peach juice in too), top with yogurt, nuts etc.  Refrigerate. It’s ready to go in the am!


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