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How often do you eat together with your loved ones?

Meals are better togetherbut making them a priority is a challenge, especially on weeknights.

Having five or more family meals a week would be optimal, but if you are currently well below that don’t fret. Try to add just one more per week and work your way up slowly.

Remember, these do not need to be family dinners. If evenings are busy and rushed for you, plan to have breakfast together! You could do a simple oatmeal buffet with lots of fun toppings (i.e. anything you have in the cupboard).

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If I could offer only one piece of advise when it comes to nutrition it would be this: choose foods with simple ingredient lists, or better yet no ingredient list at all!

I attended the Vancouver Wellness Show this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised with the number of products being sampled that had simple ingredients without all the additives and chemicals. Three products in particular stood out to me that I would like to highlight.

1. Flaxseed Cooking oil

flaxseed oil


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