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New Year, New You?


The new year is coming and we all have big plans to be healthier. Which is great…. I just have one request: be smart about it!

– Don’t go get a gym membership if you hate the gym – you won’t go, just like last year.

– Don’t waste your money on anything that advertises a weight-loss plan that is easy, fast, effortless etc – we all know that it is none of those things and, sadly, never will be.

– Don’t buy weight-loss supplements – green coffee bean extract and red raspberry leaf are not going to magically melt those unwanted pounds away (no matter what Dr. Oz says)! Many of these supplements are not tested for long enough periods of time in controlled randomized trials and could end up doing more harm than good.

– Most of all PLEASE don’t stop eating wheat/gluten unless you have an intolerance or allergy – people don’t lose weight because they cut out gluten. It is because they now can not eat many of the highly processed, high carbohydrate foods they were eating before. Although, I do agree that we consume too much processed wheat in general (cakes, cookies, breads, pasta). Why not try some wheat berries or kamut instead?

99% of people that come to me for weight loss advice have one thing in common:

Tomatoes and peanut butter? Hmmm…. weird.

tomato peanut butter soup

Until you try it! I loved this combination. The peanut butter adds great flavor, creaminess and some added protein to this soup. Plus, the ease of making it was what attracted me. It’s not exactly a holiday inspired recipe, but I have been so busy this month all I wanted was something easy! Plus, I got another chance to use my slow cooker and my grandma’s canned tomatoes from her garden!

It’s Christmas time!!


I can officially listen to Christmas carols without feeling guilty as soon as December 1st hits. This also happens to be my birthday, what a great birthday present!

Although it’s still November, I definitely listened to carols while baking these cookies (look at them, how could I not?), all while secretly hoping no one would come home to witness it.


Well, the snow is sticking around up in my hometown and it’s getting darn chilly here in Vancouver. Time to dust off the slow cooker!

Some things don’t go over well with me when it comes to slow cooking foods. I need the right recipe. I don’t like it when all the vegetables start to taste the same and get all mushy. That being said, there are many fabulous recipes out there. They usually revolve around he same theme: warm, hearty and they pair well with fresh, hot biscuits!



masala flatbread 2

Us dietitians LOVE to get together and cook deliciously healthy food! The more recipes we have on hand to convince our clients that healthy food can be wonderfully tasty the better! So, UpBeet Nutrition and Wealth of Health teamed up (our idea of an exciting Saturday night ;) ) to make a popular traditional Trinidad dish, doubles!

masala flatbread 4

Doubles are a common street food in Trinidad and Tobago. It is a sandwich made with bara (flatbread) filled with chana (curried chickpeas). Toppings usually include mango, shadon beni (cilantro), cucumber, coconut, and tamarind. This dish is the most popular fast food in Trinidad and Tobago. It is usually eaten for breakfast, or sometimes lunch… although, we’d consider it more of a dinner food!

Pizza Muffins!


The time has come, summer is over and it’s back to school!

Parents with kids going into kindergarten aren’t quite ready to let go yet and every other parent is counting down the days with big red X’s on the calendar!

Whether you want them to go or not, you still, sadly, have to pack their lunch.

So, what to pack?

I LOVE brunch.

Although, going out for good brunch in Vancouver usually involves long line ups! Sometimes brunch at home is just easier, healthier and cheaper!

I had the pleasure of having my lovely friend, Lindsay, over for brunch and I wanted to make something special for her, but I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping. So, this recipe stemmed from ingredients I had on hand – the best type of recipe if you ask me!

bread pudding


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