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Thankfully, cauliflower is affordable again! I was getting a little tired of hearing everyone (including myself) talk about how expensive it was. There are other vegetables!

Many restaurants across Canada even took cauliflower off their menus. Hopefully Fat Pasha in Toronto has put it back by now. They serve the best cauliflower I have ever had. It comes smothered in tahina, skhug (Middle Eastern hot sauce), pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, and halloumi!

cauliflower fat pasha

What did you eat yesterday? Did you think about your food choices and pay attention to your eating experience, or are you on auto-pilot? The concept of mindful eating has been gaining popularity over the past couple of years. But what exactly does it mean to be a mindful eater?

For starters, mindful eating is about how you eat not what you eat. It requires being completely present during a meal or snack, and paying attention to your internal satiety cues.

Put away or turn off anything that would distract you, such as a cell phone, TV, or magazine. Try to eliminate any judgement associated with eating. There are no “bad” foods, just foods you have less often or in small amounts. And slow down: put your utensils down between bites, and chew your food well. (Don’t forget to enjoy yourself too — case in point below!)

mindful eating baby eating icecreamPhoto credit: nvainio

It’s January, so naturally I am thinking about how I can improve my health. I eat well most of the time (kind of a job requirement), but I can definitely work on my physical fitness.

I am already thinking ahead to the half-marathon I somewhat regrettably registered for in August. Mostly I am worried because my knee has been bothering me when I try to run 5km, let alone 21km. We’ll have to see how this half-marathon thing goes.

On the bright side, I did manage to snowshoe up Cypress Mountain last weekend with my very fit, marathons-are-a-breeze friend. Luckily, my sister tagged along so we could unsuccessfully try to keep up with her together. My friend kept luring my sister and I up steep hills with promises of unsurpassed views. Good thing she was right. I might not have forgiven her otherwise. It was stunning – but I hate hills.

cypress mountain hollyburn peak

Happy 2016! Want to know what my resolution is this year? To help reduce nutrition confusion and conflicting messages in the media! … I have my work cut out for me.

Now that the holidays are over, many of us will be aiming to stick to our resolutions. A lot of these are likely related to healthy living. So what’s healthy? What eating pattern should you follow? Should you do a cleanse? Eat “clean”? What about supplements? Is weight loss a good goal? What time of day should you eat? Are “superfoods” worth the money? Should you really eat like a caveman?

clean eating Photo credit

Exciting news: I was offered a new franchise with the Huffington Post!

It is called “What’s The Deal?” and it will be featured monthly (or more) in the Canada Living section. I will pick a new nutrition related topic each month to write about. It looks like I’ll be spending even more time writing!



When I pitched my idea to the Huffington Post, I had no idea this was a popular Jerry Seinfeld phrase! Did you know that? Sorry for stealing your line Jerry…

Anyway, my first article, “Food and Mood: What’s The Deal?” was published today! Read it here.

food and mood

Do you have a topic you would like me to write about? Tell me in the comments below!

Happy reading!

Do you approach Thanksgiving dinner with anxiety or excitement?

thanksgiving dinner dietPhoto Credit: Tim Sackton

Many people that I talk to actually dread the huge abundance of food choices available at Thanksgiving dinner. They end up over thinking their food choices, worrying about their “diets,” and not enjoying themselves.

Large gatherings, centered around sharing delicious food with others, should be such a joyful experience!

But, I know navigating a big Thanksgiving dinner is challenging for many. So, I wrote out my top 7 simple tips (for HuffPost Living Canada) to help make sure you enjoy yourself and go home feeling thankful for the wonderful time you had with your loved ones.

Read my top tips and tricks here: 7 Simple Tips For Navigating A Big Thanksgiving Dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving!

yogurt breakfast bowl

What is your morning routine like?

Are you the rushed and stressed-out type who spends 10 minutes searching for keys every morning? Or, the (somewhat annoying) type who can leisurely wake-up without an alarm, do some yoga, and spend an hour slowly getting ready, including a nice relaxing breakfast?

I aim for the latter, but somehow (AKA I spend too long on Twitter or watching the morning news) find my way closer to the former.

Did you know that you should try and wake-up at the same time every morning even on weekends? Going to bed late and sleeping in on the weekend really messes with your circadian rhythm. There is actually a term for this: social jet leg. Our social calendars and our internal clock don’t mix well. It’s like you’re flying to a different time zone and back every weekend, which is not so great for your health.

To my surprise and delight, I was recently declared “Canada’s of the Year” by and

Being picked by the editors and journalists (including and Top Restaurants in Canada Founder Adrian Brijbassi, Deputy Editor Rod Charles, Family Travel Columnist Jody Robbins and Chair of the Top Restaurants in Canada, Renee Suen) as the winner of this contest, out of more than 400 entries, was such an honour!

So what did I win?

Round-trip airfare for two to St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, a four-night luxury hotel stay, and dinner for myself and a guest at Raymonds, voted in 2014 and 2015 as the top restaurant in Canada by the Voting Academy!

I decided to take my twin sister, Jessica, with me. We left August 6th and returned August 10th. It was an amazing trip!

If you have never visited St John’s, NL — go! But bring a fleece (or two), yes, even in August. It was cold. However, we did really luck out with one hot, sunny day, which also happened to be the day we did a boat tour. of the Year trip highlights

1. Dinner at Mallard Cottage (#7 on Canada’s top restaurants list this year)

Mallard Cottage St John's NL


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