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My name is Melissa. Thanks for visiting my blog!

I am a registered dietitian using my passion for nutrition, food, and cooking to inspire, create, share, and improve the health and wellbeing of others. I also want to help make healthy choices easy for you and your family.

I started this blog in 2011 with a mission to entice readers to dust off their stoves and spice racks and spend more time in the kitchen. Learn to be creative, add your own personal flare to recipes, and have fun!

I enjoy working in many different areas, including health and wellbeing, media, consulting, public speaking, group education, and one-on-one counselling. I also love working with children and students. Learning how to eat well early is key to a long and healthful life and a healthy relationship with food.

In my free time I can be found playing with my camera, snowshoeing/hiking, or in the kitchen attempting recipes from my growing stack of cookbooks. I am by no means a master chef — I once strained pasta while holding the colander over the floor — but I try to improve my skills recipe by recipe!

Michael Pollan has a great animation titled, “How Cooking Can Change Your Life.” It’s a bit simplistic, but I like the idea behind it. Cooking more (involve your kids too) and having more meals together can do wonders for your family’s health. I truly believe in not “dieting” and enjoying nourishing, wholesome foods with family and friends.

Speaking of family, I am very lucky to have a fabulous one — including my identical twin sister Jessica. We moved from Vancouver to Toronto together to pursue master’s degrees (in nutrition communication and genetic counselling). I returned to Vancouver shortly after finishing my Master of Health Science but hope to visit Jessica out east often. The rest of my family is up in my home town, 100 Mile House, BC.

I am a huge advocate of volunteering and strive to improve the health of Canadians — especially young people — every day. To help achieve this goal, I hold an elected position on the Dietitians of Canada Board of Directors and work at UBC as the Manager of Nutrition and Wellbeing for Student Housing and Hospitality Services. 

Happy cooking!

Melissa Baker, MHSc, RD
MHSc Nutrition Communication

I was also the editor of an amazing blog for Dietitians of Canada called Practice for three years. It shares great experiences and stories written by dietitians from across the country! Check out what awesome things we’ve been up to here.

I am a part of the Huffpost Canada Living Contributor Network as well. I have a nutrition focused franchise with the Huffington Post Canada Living section called “What’s the Deal?”

I completed my master’s degree research with Nutrition Discovery Labs in Toronto, see what they are up to here!

Check out my foodgawker page here.

My sister and I — inseparable

It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.” ~Author Unknown

Sister love



“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“You never regret being kind.” ~ Nicole Shepherd

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    • WOW! Just took a look at your blog here and read your post on “Cheat Days”. I love this! this is exactly how i feel about using the terms cheat or treat. So happy to have you on our team at UBC. – John

  1. Joan Uhrig

    Thanks for the great healthy recipes Melissa. Aways look forward to receiving them. Sending hugs.

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