So, what exactly is a superfood?


I have been wanting to write about superfoods for a while. Honestly, the term kind of urks me…along with the blanket definition used below.


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You don’t have to eat expensive superfoods to be well nourished. All foods are super! Well, maybe not all foods. I am talking about minimally processed foods here (mostly). That being said, there is some merit to the term at times. I share my views in my latest Huffington Post article here: Are Superfoods Really Good For You?

In my article, I also share a list of some superfood swaps (some “everyday” superfoods, some not) to keep your food budget in check. Be sure to check it out!

Sometimes I just have to laugh at superfood related headlines: Kale could either be slowly killing you or vastly improving your health — depending on the headline you read.

What do you think about superfoods? Many of my colleagues have written about them. If you’re interested in digging deeper into this subject, Registered Dietitian Jennifer Sygo discusses the latest research on many popular superfoods in her book, Unmasking Superfoods.


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