Your Diet in 2015: Top Foods to Add & Cut


It is the year of the cauliflower (bye, bye kale).

I hope you all had fun ringing in the New Year! I spent New Year’s Eve in 100 Mile House, BC with some great friends, catching up and playing games. It was perfect.

I think this is going to be a great year. I am finishing up my 8th year of university and plan to never go back — or at least have a very long break! Never say never, I do love learning. (I am a nerd, I know).



Now for some 2015 diet advice:

  1. Eat gluten-free only if you have a medical reason to do so (it is not a healthier way of eating).
  2. Ditch the highly processed foods, including most breakfast cereals. Focus on eating plant-based, whole foods.
  3. Do not get tricked into thinking any particular food will cure a condition or cause noticeable weight loss. It won’t.
  4. Know that there are no quick fixes or magic pills (especially if Dr Oz says so) — do not waste your money.
  5. Eat one vegetarian dinner a week, at a minimum (like this one).
  6. Do not get caught in any dieting traps this year (i.e. restrictive dieting –> deprivation –> overeating –> guilt –> restrictive dieting).
  7. Do not change the way you eat based on one new research study or news headline. Dietary changes should be based off a large body of sound evidence.
  8. Most importantly, relax! It is just food. Yes, it is important, but stressing over every bite you put in your mouth takes all the enjoyment out of eating. Enjoy your food.

Some foods I think we should all be eating (or not eating) this year:

Your diet in 2015 — Top foods to add:

– fermented foods
– alliums (think leeks, garlic, onions)
– cocoa
– fresh herbs
– steel cut oatmeal
– organic greens
– legumes
– sustainable seafood

Your diet in 2015 — Top foods to cut:

– processed gluten-free foods
– hard margarine
– juice and pop
– Nutella (I am mentioning Nutella because I find their commercials especially misleading — it has more sugar per gram than a snickers bar! If it is consumed as a once-in-a-while treat then enjoy it)
– artificial sweeteners
– fat-free products

Do you have anything to add to either of these lists? Please share below!

Have a happy & healthy 2015 everyone!

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  1. Mamdouh Shubair

    Excellent advice thank you!

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