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Everyone keeps focusing on how much groceries are going up this year, which is estimated to be about $420 for the average family. Compared to the $345 groceries were predicted to rise in 2016. The price of meat and vegetables are expected to increase the most.


But is this the right question to be focusing on? I would argue that it isn’t. Most families waste well over $1000 in food each year. If we focus on how to reduce our food waste instead of what we can buy that is cheaper (and potentially more processed and less nutritious), we could actually see our grocery bills go down this year.

This approach saves you money and also helps reduce your negative impact on the environment as the production and processing of food is energy intensive. Food waste in the landfills also produces methane — a potent greenhouse gas. A great reason to compost.

Ready to save money and eat more sustainably? Here are 5 tips to reduce your food waste:


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