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Happy 2016! Want to know what my resolution is this year? To help reduce nutrition confusion and conflicting messages in the media! … I have my work cut out for me.

Now that the holidays are over, many of us will be aiming to stick to our resolutions. A lot of these are likely related to healthy living. So what’s healthy? What eating pattern should you follow? Should you do a cleanse? Eat “clean”? What about supplements? Is weight loss a good goal? What time of day should you eat? Are “superfoods” worth the money? Should you really eat like a caveman?

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The best summer recipes involve either a BBQ or no heat at all. This is one reason I love this healthy dessert in the summer (and every other season), along with its deliciousness of course!

It’s an extremely versatile recipe. You can adapt it to suit any craving…chocolate? berry? maple?

For a chocolaty pudding mix in 2 tbsp cocoa and a little extra sweetener + some chopped dark chocolate!


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