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Have you ever tried to replicate the hummus you get in a really authentic Middle Eastern restaurant? It is always so creamy and smooth. I could never figure out their trick. My aunt and uncle just got back from Israel, where they ate hummus with a spoon as a meal, and they too didn’t know how Israelis got their hummus so darn creamy and delicious.

Hummus became a central topic of conversation this weekend when I visited my aunt and uncle. This might have bored many dinner guests half to death, but I was all ears. Could the mystery be solved?

radish pesto

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I just returned from my first trip to Winnipeg for the Dietitians of Canada National Conference.

The conference was amazing. I spent three days networking with lots of incredible and inspiring dietitians, listening to great sessions on a variety of topics (there were so many awesome speakers), and eating great food.

To top it off, Winnipeg was beautiful! Going to conferences is such a great opportunity to explore a new city. (I can’ wait for next years in Newfoundland!) I tried to get out for short runs in the mornings to explore a bit.

local blueberry crumble

Summer has come early to Vancouver and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This warm, sunny weather has us eager to get outside, head to the beach, and fire up the grill. Summer also has us thinking about all of the amazing seasonal produce Canada has to offer, like juicy peaches, sweet corn, and delicious cherries.

Most of all, we’re excited about the arrival of blueberry season, which  is set to begin three weeks early in BC as a result of our unseasonably warm spring. Blueberries are usually in peak season during the months of July and August. We are lucky to have blueberry farms across Canada, making it easy to shop for these berries locally.

cherry blossoms  vancouver

Summer is coming! Or, practically here if you’re lucky enough to live in Vancouver like me. There is a prime example above — the spring cherry blossoms in Vancouver are one of my most favourite things in the world! Along with my sister, of  course. Here is a picture of us enjoying ice cream by the sea on a hot day in March… sorry to rub it in. ;)

I have been wanting to write about superfoods for a while. Honestly, the term kind of urks me…along with the blanket definition used below.


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You don’t have to eat expensive superfoods to be well nourished. All foods are super! Well, maybe not all foods. I am talking about minimally processed foods here (mostly). That being said, there is some merit to the term at times. I share my views in my latest Huffington Post article here: Are Superfoods Really Good For You?

In my article, I also share a list of some superfood swaps (some “everyday” superfoods, some not) to keep your food budget in check. Be sure to check it out!

Sometimes I just have to laugh at superfood related headlines: Kale could either be slowly killing you or vastly improving your health — depending on the headline you read.

What do you think about superfoods? Many of my colleagues have written about them. If you’re interested in digging deeper into this subject, Registered Dietitian Jennifer Sygo discusses the latest research on many popular superfoods in her book, Unmasking Superfoods.


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thomas lavers store front

The fermentation and preservation of foods is an ancient practice that has made a swift resurgence into the modern food scene. In the heart of Toronto’s Kensington Market, Bryan Lavers and Tye Thomas opened their shop, Thomas Lavers Cannery and Delicatessen, with impeccable timing. It was December 2012 – just when the fermentation buzz was ramping up. “It just seems like around the time we opened, fermenting and preserving became a very on point restaurant and food culture thing, we lucked out,” says Thomas.

Lavers, the hands-on professional chef, and Thomas, the curious home cook, are long-time friends that have over 40 years of combined experience working in food and cooking. They opened the cannery to fill a void in the neighbourhood’s offerings. Despite the incredible variety of options available at Kensington Market, it did not include a brick-and-mortar quite like the Thomas Lavers Cannery and Delicatessen.


fish tacos

Crispy fish tacos with a fresh, tangy slaw and an ice cold beer may just be my favourite meal. I enjoy tacos often when eating out but I had never actually made them myself.  I had to change that.

I recently discovered that one of my good friends makes them all the time and knows the recipe by heart. When I asked her for the recipe, she listed the ingredients but didn’t have a clue how much she normally used.

Like a great cook, she just made it and it always turned out. I love that approach and use it when cooking for myself, but it doesn’t work so well when trying to blog about it.

Thankfully, cauliflower is affordable again! I was getting a little tired of hearing everyone (including myself) talk about how expensive it was. There are other vegetables!

Many restaurants across Canada even took cauliflower off their menus. Hopefully Fat Pasha in Toronto has put it back by now. They serve the best cauliflower I have ever had. It comes smothered in tahina, skhug (Middle Eastern hot sauce), pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, and halloumi!

cauliflower fat pasha


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