Many people assume that if they take a multivitamin their nutrient needs are covered and they can just eat whatever they like. Doritos and ranch dip are totally fine for dinner if you wash a multivitamin down with beer first…right?

While I am sure I am not the only one who has occasionally resorted to having popcorn and a glass of red wine for dinner – I call it my Olivia Pope dinner – I do this knowing that a well-balanced diet cannot be replaced with a pill or two.

Olivia-Pope popcorn

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Everyone keeps focusing on how much groceries are going up this year, which is estimated to be about $420 for the average family. Compared to the $345 groceries were predicted to rise in 2016. The price of meat and vegetables are expected to increase the most.


But is this the right question to be focusing on? I would argue that it isn’t. Most families waste well over $1000 in food each year. If we focus on how to reduce our food waste instead of what we can buy that is cheaper (and potentially more processed and less nutritious), we could actually see our grocery bills go down this year.

This approach saves you money and also helps reduce your negative impact on the environment as the production and processing of food is energy intensive. Food waste in the landfills also produces methane — a potent greenhouse gas. A great reason to compost.

Ready to save money and eat more sustainably? Here are 5 tips to reduce your food waste:


Canned fish is an underrated food that deserves more space in your pantry. It may not be as sexy as getting fresh fish from the fisherman’s wharf or Granville Island, but with lots of innovative, delicious recipes being developed it is getting there! Especially when you are talking about Raincoast Trading products, which are sustainably caught, ocean-wise recommended, and hand packed right in Nanaimo, BC!

You’ve heard your friends say it, your family say it, and likely even complete strangers say it – “It’s my cheat day!” I even heard my fitness instructor say it to my whole class last week, which is what sparked this somewhat ranty blog post.

Cheat day? What does that really even mean?

OK, I know what people mean when they say it…They are describing a day where they can eat whatever they want and not feel guilty about it, because it’s not something they would normally do. It’s a day without restrictions.

nachos cheat day

That doesn’t sound so bad: You eat healthy most days, but once in a while you like to have a day where you “allow” yourself to just eat whatever you want without worrying about your waistline. Maybe there is even an excuse, like a friend’s wedding or your birthday. Does that sound about right?



Summer is FINALLY here in Vancouver. I know Ontario has been suffering from the heat this summer for a while already, but in BC we have had unusually cool weather. But, alas, the heat has arrived!

With the heat ramping up it is important to ensure you stay hydrated.

  • Does coffee and tea count towards your fluid intake?
  • How much do you actually need to drink in a day?
  • Does food contribute to your fluid intake?
  • Why is it especially important for those over 65 years old to stay hydrated?

Find out the answers to these questions, along with some easy tips for increasing your  fluid intake in my latest Huffington Post article: Stay Hydrated This Summer With These Simple Tips

hummus plate

Have you ever tried to replicate the hummus you get in a really authentic Middle Eastern restaurant? It is always so creamy and smooth. I could never figure out their trick. My aunt and uncle just got back from Israel, where they ate hummus with a spoon as a meal, and they too didn’t know how Israelis got their hummus so darn creamy and delicious.

Hummus became a central topic of conversation this weekend when I visited my aunt and uncle. This might have bored many dinner guests half to death, but I was all ears. Could the mystery be solved?

radish pesto

Photo credit: Craig Dugas

I just returned from my first trip to Winnipeg for the Dietitians of Canada National Conference.

The conference was amazing. I spent three days networking with lots of incredible and inspiring dietitians, listening to great sessions on a variety of topics (there were so many awesome speakers), and eating great food.

To top it off, Winnipeg was beautiful! Going to conferences is such a great opportunity to explore a new city. (I can’ wait for next years in Newfoundland!) I tried to get out for short runs in the mornings to explore a bit.


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